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Here is Our Evaluation Methodology for Testing Research Paper Writing Websites:

  • First, we check the presence of guarantees on the website and the variety of services they offer.
  • We also look for discounts and get in touch with customer support to ask about their discount system
  • Then, we sign up and place a test order to see if it’s completed on time and according to our requirements
  • We contact the company’s support team via available channels and ask questions about our order, writing process, writers etc.
  • Upon receival, our chief writer checks the paper and determines its correspondence to standards

If you want to know more about the results of our evaluation, click the button below to see the spreadsheet where we grade services step-by-step. We have nothing to hide!

Case study

The Best Research Paper Writing Service Reviews Online

If you’ve been looking for a company to write your research paper, you may be a bit overwhelmed. It’s undoubtedly a tough process. There are undoubtedly plenty of services available. The question is, how do college students find the ideal writing service to complete their custom papers?

You could take the company’s word for it. Many people do this because it is often the easiest thing to do. They take the word of the writing service that the writers are fully qualified, and that their research paper will be delivered to them complete, on time, and in the correct format. They believe that as long as they pay they will receive an essay that meets their guidelines.

Sometimes these customers are lucky. They rely on companies to ‘write a complete research paper for me’. If they are fortunate, their custom research paper is delivered to them and the quality is acceptable.

That’s a pretty risky chance to take though. A research paper is a complex document that requires a lot of work to complete. A good writer will include an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. It will be completely original and be able to pass plagiarism detection software. Choosing the wrong company can be financially and academically risky.

This is why we are here to help. We provide the best research paper writing service reviews that you will find online. Please keep reading to learn more.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Our Research Paper Writing Service Reviews

We work very hard to ensure that our reviews provide you with all of the essentials you need to pick the best writing service. We have created a nearly scientific process that ensures that you get all of the information that you need. Here are the important things that you will learn when we report back on our findings:

  • You will learn whether or not the writers are degreed and qualified. For example, if you are working on a research paper on biomedical engineering, we believe  you should be assigned a writer with a medical and scientific background.
  • We will let you know that the writing service is reputable and that they have a history of doing good work. We’ll also let you know if they don’t.
  • School Students Don’t Have Much Money to Spend. We’ll Let you know about pricing and discounts.
  • We’ll let you know how easy it was navigate around the website. After all, nobody wants to spend time trying to find information, running into broken links, or using a website that takes forever to load. We even double check that the website is mobile friendly.
  • Of course, we’ll let you know if the writing is good and if customer service is helpful and friendly.
  • We will tell you if there are any extras or bonus content. This might include blog content, articles, or freebies. For example, a free outline or summary statement might be offered.
  • Finally, we will let you know whether or not you should use the writing service when you realize, I need help writing a research paper.

Our Method For Writing The Best Research Paper Writing Service Reviews

In order to be both fair and thorough, we have come up with a consistent way to complete website reviews. Our methodology ensures that we cover the bases, and that the information you receive communicate clearly our experiences, whether or not you should consider the writing service we are reviewing and why. Here are the steps we undertake as we prepare to write each review.

  • We begin by researching the company in question. We search the internet for any references that we can find. This includes other reviews, checking for complaints on the BBB website, and looking up the company’s history and location information. The reason we do this is because some companies will ‘cook their books’ a bit and claim they are located in the United States. Basically they find a nondescript address and coopt it as their own.
  • After conducting that initial research, we spend a lot of time on the service’s own website. We read the homepage and other content. We check out their policies, and look for any interesting ‘extras’. These might be links to e books, blog content, videos, or simply writing samples. We also want to see if the website is professional designed and free from major issues. We have found that the best online writing providers have websites that are easy to navigate, and well written content.
  • We place an order for a paper. While some of the websites we review offer writing services such as resume and copywriting, we stick with academic papers such as research papers or essays. We see this as the most important point as it is our opportunity to gauge writing quality, find out more about the writers, and interact with customer service. One thing we strongly consider is whether or not our instructions are followed. For example, if we ask for a paper in APA format and receive it in MLA, that’s a real problem.
  • We compare prices for the services offered with those from other similar businesses. We also consider price as it relates to overall quality. We also look for discounts as we know that is important.
  • Finally, we gather up our notes and write our review. At the end of our review you will see our final rating.

Why Students Use Custom Research Paper Writing Services

Have you ever wondered what leads students to say “I  need help writing a research paper”? From what we’ve learned, the reasons vary. Some are just overwhelmed with the entire process. It can take hours, days, even weeks to write a research proposal. It can take even longer to conduct the research and write the paper. It’s even worse when the student is in the middle of other, tough assignments.

We also know that students tend to seek out writing help because of work or family obligations. In other cases they have academic difficulties that cause them to ask professionals if they will write my paper.

Here’s what we have concluded. Students who need writing help are usually busy, dedicated, and hardworking. We believe they deserve to get the most for their money when they realize, ‘I really need help!’ This is why we provide the services that we do.

We Keep Students Safe With Research Paper Writing Service Reviews

One of our most important missions is helping students avoid doing business with the wrong companies. These are fly by night businesses that specifically look for ways to lure students in with promises of cheap papers or super fast delivery. Unfortunately, when students place their orders, everything goes wrong. They may receive no paper at all. They may receive a stolen paper. They may receive a paper that is full of plagiarized content.

We are more than willing to order papers from and research these writing services. Don’t risk your money or academic reputation needlessly. We are happy to provide you with the information that you need.

Have You Found The Best Research Paper Writing Service? Let us Know!

We can’t do this alone! The reviews we receive from students are so important to our community. If you have found a great company to write your paper let us know! We’d also like to hear from you if you’ve had a negative experience.

Advantages of Using Research Paper Writing Services

Low Prices

Students on tight budgets are always looking for bargains – used books, thrift shop goodies, and more. When it comes to paying for academic writing services, they want low prices too. And most highly respected writing services give them affordable pricing – certainly cheaper than a private tutor or individual freelance writers. There is an average range of pricing for reputable companies, and they will be well within a student’s budget.

Fast Delivery

Some students are just procrastinators; others have too many responsibilities on their plates; still, others put off coursework assignments that they don’t like. Whatever the reason, due dates creep up and then panics sets in. This doesn’t have to happen if those students have access to a solid writing service that can take on urgent orders. We found such services for you right here.

Privacy and Security

There is nothing embarrassing about getting help when needed, but most students would prefer their use of a writing service to be confidential. We recommend using companies that have privacy policies to protect student identities and never share customer personal information. Another aspect for concern is secure payments. We choose academic services that use an established third-party processing platform that has a great reputation with other online retailers.

Free Time

This is something students never have enough of. And it shows in their attitudes, moods, and even relationships. They need time for rest, fun, and just plain “down-time.” They can find these periods of relaxation and leisure by delegating some of assignments to a professional writing service. Imagine how delightful to give up the agony of a research paper, knowing that an expert writer is producing it for you.


Worthwhile writing services will provide a program of discounts to benefit their customers. In general, a company will give a new customer a discount that ranges between 15-20% on the first order. For returning customers, there will be eligibility for lifetime discounts – discounts that increase as they place additional orders and/or spend more money. And it is not unusual for writing services to offer special sale pricing at various times.

Professional Writers

When a student finds a great writing service – one with a good reputation for quality – that service will have top-notch writers. And these writers will sport verified degrees and successful history of academic writing. Most companies spend a lot of time recruiting and selecting qualified writers. After all, two things depend on their doing so – their reputation and customer satisfaction. Excellent writers translate to excellent products.

A Detailed Research Paper Writing Service Review Methodology

User-friendly Website

What does user-friendly really mean? To us, it means that a visitor can land on a website, get some great introductory content, and then be able to easily move to other pages that have clear purposes and explanations. By the time a visitor has moved through a website, he should have a complete idea about what the writing service offers, prices, policies, benefits, and an easy method to place an order. Our other “demand” is that the content is well-written in solid English – it’s a good clue that native English-speaking writers are employed.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing is important. After all, there are customers on budgets and writing services willing to accommodate them with cheap costs. From experience, we know what pricing systems are suitable for high-quality work, and we need to see those that do fall in line with this industry average. The other factor here is how payment is made. First, we want to see options that include recognized international banking cards, PayPal, and wire transfer. Our top-rated firms use reliable and trusted third-party processors. When we see all of these things in place, we are satisfied with pricing and payment.

Direct Writer Communication

A writing order is a blueprint for the expert assigned to the project. But that blueprint may not contain everything that a writer may want or need. He needs to be able to talk directly with the customer. And that customer may have forgotten an important detail or two. Setting up a system of direct communication between these two is important if the end product is to be a success. Reputable writing services that we can recommend are happy to have customers and writers speak directly. Doing this prevents time-costly revisions and results in happier clients.

Quality Writing

No matter how much a writing service may offer in the way of services, benefits, and such, if the quality of research and writing is not there, all of these “bells and whistles” are meaningless. There are objective standards for quality, and we insist upon them before we recommend a writing company. Anything a company produces and delivers to a customer must be customized and written from scratch by a qualified expert writer; every piece must follow the standards of formal academic writing. Research integrity means that the best resources are used for the piece. Finally, we must see outstanding English grammar and composition. When our standards are met, we are comfortable providing a high rating.

Timely Delivery

It’s important to be on time – to appointments, to work, and even to social gatherings. And for students, being on time with assignments is critical. Instructors do not look kindly when essays and papers are late and may impose severe penalties. When a student chooses to use a writing service, he depends upon that service to deliver his finished product in time for his due date. Companies that have a reputation for missing deadlines thus come in very low on our rating scale. While the quality of the product comes first, meeting a deadline is right up there too.

24/7 Customer Support

When writing companies use answering services for their customer support, everything slows down. The agents who are manning the phones or the live chats cannot make key decisions. They must check with the company first before they can resolve an issue. Great 24/7 customer support means that the company has employed and trained its own staff and that these agents work in shifts around the clock to honor all times zones and “middle-of-the-night” emergencies. This is what we want to see in companies that we give high ratings to.

Short Summaries of Research Paper Writing Services Reviews review
5.0/5 has not been in business as long as many other online writing companies. It has developed a business model that involves matching its staff of professional researchers and writers with customers who come looking for writing products and services. In essence, when a customer places and order, s/he is submitting it for bids. review
5.0/5 started as a writing service company with a critical goal in mind, to provide an excellent essay writing help to those who would need it, at the most affordable price possible. To achieve the first part of their goal, they had to go out of their way to create a network of certified writers and researchers, as high as PhD Academics certification, all to make sure that their customers get the best writing help for their essays. review

A Classy Essay is a writing service company that focuses on rendering writing service to the academic community. They work on producing customized written papers that are written according to the customer's specifications, like the writing style, specified resources, and personalized ideas. review

WOWGrade is an organization that offers writing services, especially to college students. They specialize in various types of writing services such as essay writing, research papers, thesis, statistical analysis, PowerPoint presentation, proofreading, dissertation services, and so on. review
5.0/5 is an organization that sells essays. They are a group of people interested in providing their customers with a quality service. They intentionally collaborated with professional web designers to create a quality and great website for their customers. review

Trust My Paper is a popular academic writing service catering to English-speaking students. Their loyalty rate is 98%, meaning that almost all students and writers who order from their website continue to do so in the future. review

We appreciate all of the email comments we have received about and are happy to use them as we provide this review. review

There is a lot of “buzz” floating around the web about the writing service,, and we have also been receiving some of this buzz in the way of emails from customers of the company. Here is a review based upon those comments and our own “look-see” at review

We appreciate all of the student feedback we have gotten on Flash Essay – we now have enough to produce a solid review of the company. review

Lots of student emails, reviews, and comments are coming in about So, we took a look. review

Several students have requested more information on Essay Agents. We’ve also received a lot of great feedback about this company. In order to meet your demands we are presenting this review. In addition to ordering a paper, interacting with customer service, and exploring their website, we also read customer reviews and worked to determine the company’s online reputation. Here is what we learned. review

We’ve received emails and review submissions from some very opinionated students regarding the website, Because of this, we decided to do some investigating to see what we could find out.  If you are considering using this service, keep reading. We hope you will come away well informed.  review
2.0/5 is an academic writing service targeting college students. In order to complete this review, we completed several steps to ensure that our final write up was fair and accurate. Here are the steps we took.  review

The writing service Pro-Papers has received much interest from students in recent weeks. Because of this interest, we have decided to investigate this company and produce the following review. review
2.0/5 has been in the industry for at least four years. At least, that is how far back we have been able to locate information and comments about it on the web. We have had several comments submitted to our site and so decided to conduct a full review to give our visitors and users an objective analysis. review

To be honest, we had not heard of until recently, when a few users of our site suggested that we review the service. In fact, the company has been in business for either 4 or 6 years, depending upon which page on the company website a visitor reads. In general, we were impressed with the website content. review

The following is our review of Assignment Geek. They have recently generated interest among our audience members, and several people have asked us to investigate this writing service. As always, this involves ordering a product, reading customer reviews, researching the company, and learning as much as we can about their online reputation. review

We have received plenty of helpful feedback from customers about In addition to this, we have read Turn in Paper customer reviews on other websites. The following review is based on that feedback as well as our own investigation into the company. review

We do not know how long Paperell has been in business, but we can find information and comments on the web that go back two years. It seems to be a young company, and it has some “growing” to do if it is going to be competitive on the writing service industry. review

This review is being completed thanks to requests from many students for more information on Just Buy Essay. In order to complete a thorough review of this company, we took several important steps. First, we researched the company and read customer reviews so that we could gauge the online reputation of this writing service. review
1.0/5 has been around for several years at least. Its website states 10 years in one place and 12 in another. We have been able to find information on the web that dates back about six years. We have also received a number of review comments from students who have used its services. review
1.0/5 is an interesting website. It is operated by a single individual who promotes four essay writing services which are featured at the top of the homepage. The owner of this site appears to act single-handedly as a “broker” of sorts for these four services. review
1.0/5 is an academic writing service that has gotten the attention of many students. Is that attention worthwhile, or should busy students look somewhere else? Our review should answer these questions and more. review

Is a great writing resource for students, or an absolute dud? We’ve taken time to investigate this writing service, check out our results below.

​ review
​ has piqued the interest of many college students. Are they worth the money? Keep reading to find out. review

Recently we have received multiple emails as well as submissions for review from multiple students in regards to the website, Because of the multiple inquiries we have decided to investigate their services in order to see what we could establish. review

Edubirdie is yet another essay writing source for students who wish to find more time for themselves. As we have found this company is fairly new as there appears to be little information about it outside of the confines of its own webpage. review
0.0/5 has been around for about four years. At least, that’s as far back as we can find information about this writing service on the web. During that four years, there have been comments submitted to us and, most recently, a few requests for a full review of the company. review
0.0/5 has been around for several years, and has a business model that we have seen many times. Students may place an order and let writers bid for it. They may also allow the company to select a writer for them. The website is well-organized and all of the important links are included at the bottom of the homepage. review
0.0/5 is a new writing service, opening its doors only in 2017. In that short amount of time, though, we have received several comments on the company, and given that they have been pretty negative, we decided to conduct a review, so that students could have a full picture of this company, what it offers, and the quality of its products and services. review
0.0/5 has been in the business of providing academic writing assistance for a few years. We do not know exactly when the company opened its door, but we have been able to find comments and feedback on the web for the past three years. And users of our site have also submitted their comments and requests for a full review of this company. review
0.0/5 opened its doors in 2013. Over these years, there has been a lot of information about the company on the web, primarily from customers. And we have received comments and feedback from users of our site. We probably should have completed this review earlier than this, but are doing so now. We have taken the company information provided on its website, the testimonials it has published, pricing, benefits, and sample products. review
0.0/5 began its business in 2012. During this five years, we have received occasional comments by users of our site, but not the number we would expect for a service that old. We decided to check out the company website and see for ourselves. We found a very sparse website without a lot of information. Write My Essay 4 Me does promise original writing, qualified writers, on-time delivery and high quality. review

Lately, students have been asking us about Do they want to know if Bid 4 Papers is legit? As always, we were quite happy to do a bit of investigating. However, we had to deviate from our usual measures as this writing service is a bit different from others. Still, we did do a few things that we normally do. We read online customer reviews of Bid4Papers. review

Before we go into detail about our experiences with, allow us to outline the steps that we took in order to write a fair and accurate review. We make every attempt to approach each write up in the same way so that all services are treated equally. review

Welcome to our review. We have received several messages from students asking for information on this writing service. Because of these requests, we are writing this piece. However, before we go into detail, we want to outline the steps that we take when reviewing companies like Essay Tigers. Be sticking to the same protocol, we are able to ensure that each service is treated fairly and equally. review
0.0/5 is a writing service that is located in Cyprus. Their location is a bit of a concern as we were worried that an offshore company could not provide quality service or native English speaking writers. This is also a matter of concern as Cyprus is known for being a hub for businesses that are not quite on the up and up. This made us wonder, ‘can we trust this company to provide good writing and customer support? review

We've been preparing this review of 7dollaressay for a while and thanks to an increasing number of individuals who are developing an interest in the service - it's finally here. We've learned about the mechanics of the service, and the ins and outs of the service. review

CustomPapersWriter gets little to no publicity online so it took us quite a while to collect enough information for this review. We had to rely mostly on what's specified on their website and also on our own experience from working with this company. review

There have been a lot of talk around Eduzaurus lately so we couldn't miss the chance to make our own investigation. Here is the summary of what we've learned about the company's reliability, credibility, and ability to deliver quality and original work. review

We were getting questions regarding the reliability and professionalism of the Writemyessayonline service. So we at Onlinewritersrating had no choice left but to to roll up our sleeves and find out whether the service is a good option for folks who want their academic writing tasks handled by professional and experienced writers. review

The Pensters writing service has gained popularity among students over the last months. So, made a research resulting in this review. Check it out and make your own informed decision! review

We keep getting requests for a review on EssayPro. So we used our sources to find out what is their reputation and whether you can rely on this company in academic writing. review

Online Writers Rating team has looked up the most relevant and tangible information about Essayshark. We researched online, interviewed clients and even placed an order to get a first-hand experience about the company's offerings.

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