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This custompaperswriter review has pertinent and critical information regarding the service, thanks to individuals out there who have asked us to look at the service and come up with a review about the services offered and the service in general. We have taken our time to come up with this review by looking at a variety of sources for information that touches on or at least relates to custompaperswriter. Towards this end, we have scoured the web for those details so that we can come up with a detailed and comprehensive review of the service.


There is no substantial or reliable information about custompaperswriter on the web. We looked at the BBB reviews website for the service, but our search did not bring any results or details regarding the service. On the internet, there is no reliable information about the service, which prompted us to rely on their website for information and further details about the service.

On their website, some details were inconsistent and did not add up at all. It did not make sense that the service claimed to work on a 10-page lab report within a day. Lab reports are intensive, and they require a lot of inferencing, researching, and referencing from other books or other previous studies and similar experiments conducted before. This indicates that this service does not have a clue into what they are doing, or even if they are well-versed in this area, they are either copying works of other individuals or outsourcing their work to other reliable professional services out there.

This, whichever way you care to cut it through, brings about issues dealing with plagiarism, which do not appeal to clients.


We checked out their website for the services they offer, and the service provides a wide array of services in the academic and college writing space.  These services include essay writing, completing assignments, coursework, presentations, writing research and term papers, as well working on theses and dissertations. On the business writing space, the service work on business plans, CVs and resumes.

We placed an order on the service for a term paper, and we gave the service a 14-day timeframe so that they could have adequate time to work on the paper and come up with a quality term paper.


We paid slightly over 15 dollars a page for the term paper. Compared to other services out there, this is somewhat higher, since other services offer their services at a relatively lower rate than that shown at the website.

Besides, the quality of the work we receive does not match the price we paid for the service.

Customer Support

The staff who were on customer support did not do a great job since they continuously sent us messages on our phones and email addresses even after we had ordered our term paper on their service. This not only disturbs but also makes it uncomfortable since you cannot concentrate fully on other tasks or activities. The chat box is also another source of the constant disturbance.


To be completely honest, given the experience we underwent when we ordered a term paper on the service, the service is not a reliable service. Even worse, the service does not act professionally, which raises a whole bunch of questions about their service delivery and their modus operandi in general.

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