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Here is Our Evaluation Methodology for Testing Paper Writing Websites:

  • First, we check the presence of guarantees on the website and the variety of services they offer.
  • We also look for discounts and get in touch with customer support to ask about their discount system
  • Then, we sign up and place a test order to see if it’s completed on time and according to our requirements
  • We contact the company’s support team via available channels and ask questions about our order, writing process, writers etc.
  • Upon receival, our chief writer checks the paper and determines its correspondence to standards

If you want to know more about the results of our evaluation, click the button below to see the spreadsheet where we grade services step-by-step. We have nothing to hide!

Case study

Are There Trustworthy Websites That Write Papers For You?

The good news is  that there are definitely great companies that that write papers for college students just like you. If you need someone to write a paper for me, these are the companies who will get on the ball, do the research, and write your essay, research paper, or other academic document.

The bad news is that there are many companies who will hear you say….

I Need Someone to Write a paper For Me!

They will pretend to heed your call for help, take your money, and then one of four things happens:

  • You Will Pay to Have an Academic paper Written And You Will Never Receive It
  • You Will Be The Victim of Illegal Activity Such as Fraud or Identity Theft
  • You Will Receive a Poorly Written Paper From a Writer Who is Not a Native English Speaker
  • You Will Spend Money on a Document That Has Been Stolen And Risk Accusations of Plagiarism

So Should I Never Pay Someone to Write my Paper?

Absolutely not! Students have been using writing services forever. It started when people would find a smart kid in their dorm and ask them for help with writing assignments and other schoolwork. Now things are a bit more complex. I you need someone to do my paper for me, you hit the internet and start researching websites that offer these services instead.

Knowledge is power. The more you know about the company that will write my papers, the less risk you  have of being ripped off. This is where we come in. We review writing service websites so that you know who to use and who to avoid. Don’t ask anyone to write my papers for me until you read our comprehensive online reviews. We will help you get through the complicated process of researching and guide you in your decision making process. Here are the things we will find out for you:

  • Whether or Not The Service Employs Quality Writers
  • The Level of Customer Service And Professionalism
  • Whether or Not They Offer High Quality And Original Papers
  • If There Are Useful Features And Free Bonus Content
  • What Other Students Think of Each Writing Service
  • A Price Comparison Based on Writing Quality And Current Market Rates
  • Whether or Not The Paper Was Delivered on Time
  • Any Issues We Found
  • Red Flags or Consumer Complaints
  • Ease of Website Navigation

Our reviews are unbiased, thorough, and based on real experiences. Here are the steps that we take in order to research online, academic writing companies, and provide you with the information you need:

  • We explore the writing service website. This is how we check for quality web design and ease of use. It’s also how we determine the quality of writing on the website. Finally, we read the policy pages to learn how the company conducts business.
  • We research the company on the internet. We read customer reviews. We verify the company’s location and other information. We also research the BBB to ensure that writing service has not had serious complaints lodged against them.
  • We conduct a price comparison
  • We order a research paper, term paper, essay, or other academic writing product. When we receive it, we review it for quality, technical accuracy, on time delivery, and whether or not it is written for the proper academic level.
  • We compile all of our notes and provide you with our final conclusion

Don’t wait until you’ve already paid good money to find out that you have picked the wrong company to write my papers. We help you by showing you which sites you can trust and which ones you should pass on by.

A Warning About Cheap Paper Services

We are frequently asked, ‘Is it okay to rely on a writer if I use a company that has very low rates online?’ Be careful. We don’t want anyone to make the mistake of using a bargain basement writing service. In fact, many of the sites that receive low ratings from both our professional reviewers and student reviewers charge very low rates.

Perhaps the better question is this. How can I believe the writers will do some good work if they are being paid so little money. We only provide positive reviews for companies that use native English speaking, college educated writers. If services are not charging at least ten dollars per page, you simply cannot rely on them for decent academic writing.

What if I Want to Share my Experiences With a Writing Company

We would love to hear from you. We value the opinions of students who have experience using online writing providers. If you have a positive or negative review, please let us know. We will be happy to go over it, and we just might publish it on our website. The more information students have, the better. That’s our ultimate goal!

Advantages of Using Paper Writing Services

Low Prices

Prices for academic writing and coursework help can vary widely. A private tutor usually charges by the hour; many freelance writers do the same, and this can get pricey. Writing services charge by the page, and so, the total cost for written products will be considerably lower through a service. The other thing that keeps costs low with reliable and popular writing companies is the volume of business they do.

Fast Delivery

Writing services require students to state a deadline for delivery of their product or service. And the good ones meet or exceed those deadlines. But what if a student needs a piece of writing within hours? Professional writing services call these “urgencies” and have plans for this – qualified writers who can take on projects with even deadlines of a few hours.

Privacy and Security

The “good guys” in this industry respect and protect their customers’ identities, and they have privacy policies. Personal information is collected when a student first registers with a writing service, but it is then encrypted, securely stored, and never shared. Security also relates to payment methods. Having bankcard information compromised can mean disaster. Writing services that we recommend all use third-party, SSL-certified processors as all major online retailers do.

Free Time

When students choose to use writing services for at least some of their coursework assignments, they reduce their academic burdens. When they can do this, they free up time for themselves – for social activities, for sleep, for leisure activities. This allows them to keep the work-life balance they need to stay mentally healthy.


Discounts can offset the final cost of ordered products or services. Major writing services offer them as an incentive for students to try out and come back again. First-time customers receive a significant discount, up to 20%, and those who return will qualify for additional discounts based on cumulative order totals. Plus, special discounted prices at various times, and there is almost always some type of discount available.

Professional Writers

Quality of writers separates the great, the good, the average, and the poor writing services. If the writers are not qualified experts in their topic fields, then anything else the company offers is worthless. Professional, native English-speaking, degreed, and experienced writers are what the great companies provide. And the proof is in the quality of writing that satisfied customers get.

A Detailed Paper Writing Service Review Methodology

User-friendly Website

We always look for a company website that is user-friendly and that tells the truth. When we talk about user-friendly, we mean that it loads quickly, that there are clear links to navigate from page to page, that the order forms are clearly explained and simple to complete, and that payment methods are secure and easy. We then look for the quality of written composition – clear explanations and simple but perfect grammar. When sites reflect excellent English, it is likely that customers will also receive high-quality writing.

Pricing and Payment

Writing services that we rate highly have prices that we know from experience are suitable for the industry. Pricing must be transparent and clear. If there are discounts or fee-based add-ons, we expect them to be published for customers to see and consider. Payment methods are also important. Customers should have multiple choices of recognized bank cards, and there must be a fully secure and reputable third-party payment processor with the right technology and certifications. When we can verify all of this, we are satisfied.

Direct Writer Communication

Reputable writing services have a system in place for customers and their writers to speak directly with one another. This allows clarifications, progress checks, and approval of drafts, if necessary. When companies want to set up such communication, it shows they are confident that they have great writers who will work toward customer satisfaction. And all of our research shows that the greater the level of communication between customer and writer, the higher the level of satisfaction.

Quality Writing

We have very specific demands for quality, and no writing service gets our top ratings without meeting these demands. The quality of written work is multi-faceted. First and foremost, no writing must ever be plagiarized, and that includes proper citations of all resources. Second, we want to see the solid, formal structure – an intro, a solid thesis, well-organized points to support that thesis, and a conclusion that ties everything up. Third, the grammar and composition must be impeccable, and the style and tone correct for the academic level. Finally, we look at the resources used for research works. They must be appropriate for the schooling level. When a company meets these expectations, we rate it highly.

Timely Delivery

Instructors are pretty strict about deadlines and assignments submitted late. One reason students call upon writing services is because they cannot meet multiple simultaneous deadlines. If a writing service accepts an order from a customer, then it also accepts that customer’s deadline – it’s that simple. Quality writing services will assign writers who have expertise but who also confirm that they can meet the deadline of the order. If we see complaints about missed deadlines, we do not give high ratings.

24/7 Customer Support

Most writing services proudly publicize their 24-hour customer support. But within that claim, there are many variations, good and bad. Some companies use answering services, and these are less than ideal. What we want to see is customer support staff on the job around the clock, employed and trained by the writing service, and able to resolve issues quickly. Companies that follow this model demonstrate that their customers’ needs are a top priority. They have multiple ways for customers to make contact, and they respond quickly.

Short Summaries of Paper Writing Services Reviews review
5.0/5 has not been in business as long as many other online writing companies. It has developed a business model that involves matching its staff of professional researchers and writers with customers who come looking for writing products and services. In essence, when a customer places and order, s/he is submitting it for bids. review
5.0/5 started as a writing service company with a critical goal in mind, to provide an excellent essay writing help to those who would need it, at the most affordable price possible. To achieve the first part of their goal, they had to go out of their way to create a network of certified writers and researchers, as high as PhD Academics certification, all to make sure that their customers get the best writing help for their essays. review

A Classy Essay is a writing service company that focuses on rendering writing service to the academic community. They work on producing customized written papers that are written according to the customer's specifications, like the writing style, specified resources, and personalized ideas. review

WOWGrade is an organization that offers writing services, especially to college students. They specialize in various types of writing services such as essay writing, research papers, thesis, statistical analysis, PowerPoint presentation, proofreading, dissertation services, and so on. review
5.0/5 is an organization that sells essays. They are a group of people interested in providing their customers with a quality service. They intentionally collaborated with professional web designers to create a quality and great website for their customers. review

Trust My Paper is a popular academic writing service catering to English-speaking students. Their loyalty rate is 98%, meaning that almost all students and writers who order from their website continue to do so in the future. review

We appreciate all of the email comments we have received about and are happy to use them as we provide this review. review

There is a lot of “buzz” floating around the web about the writing service,, and we have also been receiving some of this buzz in the way of emails from customers of the company. Here is a review based upon those comments and our own “look-see” at review

We appreciate all of the student feedback we have gotten on Flash Essay – we now have enough to produce a solid review of the company. review

Lots of student emails, reviews, and comments are coming in about So, we took a look. review

Several students have requested more information on Essay Agents. We’ve also received a lot of great feedback about this company. In order to meet your demands we are presenting this review. In addition to ordering a paper, interacting with customer service, and exploring their website, we also read customer reviews and worked to determine the company’s online reputation. Here is what we learned. review

We’ve received emails and review submissions from some very opinionated students regarding the website, Because of this, we decided to do some investigating to see what we could find out.  If you are considering using this service, keep reading. We hope you will come away well informed.  review
2.0/5 is an academic writing service targeting college students. In order to complete this review, we completed several steps to ensure that our final write up was fair and accurate. Here are the steps we took.  review

The writing service Pro-Papers has received much interest from students in recent weeks. Because of this interest, we have decided to investigate this company and produce the following review. review
2.0/5 has been in the industry for at least four years. At least, that is how far back we have been able to locate information and comments about it on the web. We have had several comments submitted to our site and so decided to conduct a full review to give our visitors and users an objective analysis. review

To be honest, we had not heard of until recently, when a few users of our site suggested that we review the service. In fact, the company has been in business for either 4 or 6 years, depending upon which page on the company website a visitor reads. In general, we were impressed with the website content. review

The following is our review of Assignment Geek. They have recently generated interest among our audience members, and several people have asked us to investigate this writing service. As always, this involves ordering a product, reading customer reviews, researching the company, and learning as much as we can about their online reputation. review

We have received plenty of helpful feedback from customers about In addition to this, we have read Turn in Paper customer reviews on other websites. The following review is based on that feedback as well as our own investigation into the company. review

We do not know how long Paperell has been in business, but we can find information and comments on the web that go back two years. It seems to be a young company, and it has some “growing” to do if it is going to be competitive on the writing service industry. review

This review is being completed thanks to requests from many students for more information on Just Buy Essay. In order to complete a thorough review of this company, we took several important steps. First, we researched the company and read customer reviews so that we could gauge the online reputation of this writing service. review
1.0/5 has been around for several years at least. Its website states 10 years in one place and 12 in another. We have been able to find information on the web that dates back about six years. We have also received a number of review comments from students who have used its services. review
1.0/5 is an interesting website. It is operated by a single individual who promotes four essay writing services which are featured at the top of the homepage. The owner of this site appears to act single-handedly as a “broker” of sorts for these four services. review
1.0/5 is an academic writing service that has gotten the attention of many students. Is that attention worthwhile, or should busy students look somewhere else? Our review should answer these questions and more. review

Is a great writing resource for students, or an absolute dud? We’ve taken time to investigate this writing service, check out our results below.

​ review
​ has piqued the interest of many college students. Are they worth the money? Keep reading to find out. review

Recently we have received multiple emails as well as submissions for review from multiple students in regards to the website, Because of the multiple inquiries we have decided to investigate their services in order to see what we could establish. review

Edubirdie is yet another essay writing source for students who wish to find more time for themselves. As we have found this company is fairly new as there appears to be little information about it outside of the confines of its own webpage. review
0.0/5 has been around for about four years. At least, that’s as far back as we can find information about this writing service on the web. During that four years, there have been comments submitted to us and, most recently, a few requests for a full review of the company. review
0.0/5 has been around for several years, and has a business model that we have seen many times. Students may place an order and let writers bid for it. They may also allow the company to select a writer for them. The website is well-organized and all of the important links are included at the bottom of the homepage. review
0.0/5 is a new writing service, opening its doors only in 2017. In that short amount of time, though, we have received several comments on the company, and given that they have been pretty negative, we decided to conduct a review, so that students could have a full picture of this company, what it offers, and the quality of its products and services. review
0.0/5 has been in the business of providing academic writing assistance for a few years. We do not know exactly when the company opened its door, but we have been able to find comments and feedback on the web for the past three years. And users of our site have also submitted their comments and requests for a full review of this company. review
0.0/5 opened its doors in 2013. Over these years, there has been a lot of information about the company on the web, primarily from customers. And we have received comments and feedback from users of our site. We probably should have completed this review earlier than this, but are doing so now. We have taken the company information provided on its website, the testimonials it has published, pricing, benefits, and sample products. review
0.0/5 began its business in 2012. During this five years, we have received occasional comments by users of our site, but not the number we would expect for a service that old. We decided to check out the company website and see for ourselves. We found a very sparse website without a lot of information. Write My Essay 4 Me does promise original writing, qualified writers, on-time delivery and high quality. review

Lately, students have been asking us about Do they want to know if Bid 4 Papers is legit? As always, we were quite happy to do a bit of investigating. However, we had to deviate from our usual measures as this writing service is a bit different from others. Still, we did do a few things that we normally do. We read online customer reviews of Bid4Papers. review

Before we go into detail about our experiences with, allow us to outline the steps that we took in order to write a fair and accurate review. We make every attempt to approach each write up in the same way so that all services are treated equally. review

Welcome to our review. We have received several messages from students asking for information on this writing service. Because of these requests, we are writing this piece. However, before we go into detail, we want to outline the steps that we take when reviewing companies like Essay Tigers. Be sticking to the same protocol, we are able to ensure that each service is treated fairly and equally. review
0.0/5 is a writing service that is located in Cyprus. Their location is a bit of a concern as we were worried that an offshore company could not provide quality service or native English speaking writers. This is also a matter of concern as Cyprus is known for being a hub for businesses that are not quite on the up and up. This made us wonder, ‘can we trust this company to provide good writing and customer support? review

We've been preparing this review of 7dollaressay for a while and thanks to an increasing number of individuals who are developing an interest in the service - it's finally here. We've learned about the mechanics of the service, and the ins and outs of the service. review

There have been a lot of talk around Eduzaurus lately so we couldn't miss the chance to make our own investigation. Here is the summary of what we've learned about the company's reliability, credibility, and ability to deliver quality and original work. review

We were getting questions regarding the reliability and professionalism of the Writemyessayonline service. So we at Onlinewritersrating had no choice left but to to roll up our sleeves and find out whether the service is a good option for folks who want their academic writing tasks handled by professional and experienced writers. review

The Pensters writing service has gained popularity among students over the last months. So, made a research resulting in this review. Check it out and make your own informed decision! review

We keep getting requests for a review on EssayPro. So we used our sources to find out what is their reputation and whether you can rely on this company in academic writing. review

Online Writers Rating team has looked up the most relevant and tangible information about Essayshark. We researched online, interviewed clients and even placed an order to get a first-hand experience about the company's offerings.

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