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This is a review of Eduzaurus, an online academic writing service that offers a range of services in the college writing space. There has been a lot of talk about the services and offerings of Eduzaurus lately, and there are folks out there who have been wondering about the service, its reliability, credibility, and ability to deliver quality and original work. In this regard, therefore, we conducted some research into the service, which involved some steps and measures, which include ordering for a paper with their service to know in detail about their services.


We decided to look into some online sites and the web in general for tangible information. As it turns out, the service is not registered with the BBB reviews service, and there is not much information about their services and offerings on the web. Further, we checked out client testimonials on the website in the process of consolidating information about the service. The testimonials did not reflect a good picture of the service, which means that the service does not invest their efforts in coming with impressive and outstanding work.

We also looked into some details regarding their services, and some things did not sit well with us. There were many enlisted professional writers on the service, which did not match the number of those who were online. It was even discouraging to see that only a fifth of the total professional writers listed was available to work. This does not match the services they offer, since they have a wide array of offerings which, largely, outnumbers the professional writers with the service.


A thorough look into their services showed that they mainly work on academic and college writing. The service works on essays, academic papers, proposals, dissertations, theses, reports, and projects. We had to place an order for an admission essay so that we could get a clear picture into nature and the quality of the services they provide.

A typical admission essay should be well-written, convincing, and straight forward, so that the readers, who are the admission board members, can get the primary objective of the essay. The service promised to deliver in a week. However, the service did not produce a top-notch admission essay or at least an essay that communicates the message clearly and accurately.


The service charged 18 dollars per page, which is relatively higher compared to what other services in the industry charge. The rate was 5 dollars higher than other writing services, and to make matters worse, the quality of the work received from the service does not match the price we paid for the admission essay.

Customer Support

The customer support was unhelpful. The chat box was not reliable since customer support staff could barely sustain conversations which hindered the process of getting help and relevant information regarding the service. Further, there was spam in our phone and emails, thanks to their inefficient customer support system.


The experience that we underwent indicates that the service is nowhere to reliable or professional. We ordered for an admission essay which was worked on insufficiently, but we had to wait along so that we could get the essay for review purposes. However, it is safe and accurate to conclude that the service is far from reliable, and cannot be entrusted with delivering quality and original work on time.

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