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Here is Our Evaluation Methodology for Testing Dissertation Writing Websites:

  • First, we check the presence of guarantees on the website and the variety of services they offer.
  • We also look for discounts and get in touch with customer support to ask about their discount system
  • Then, we sign up and place a test order to see if it’s completed on time and according to our requirements
  • We contact the company’s support team via available channels and ask questions about our order, writing process, writers etc.
  • Upon receival, our chief writer checks the paper and determines its correspondence to standards

If you want to know more about the results of our evaluation, click the button below to see the spreadsheet where we grade services step-by-step. We have nothing to hide!

Case study

Best Dissertation Writing Services Reviews

No one really understands the roller coaster ride that is a Master’s or doctoral dissertation until they are in the midst of producing one.

It begins with the development of a research question and that in itself is a major undertaking. Students may have topic areas of interest, but within that topic area, they must select a specific research question that will contribute to their field and, almost as important, that will be approved by an advisor and/or committee.

From there, it moves into that dissertation proposal. This is the first major piece of writing in the process, and it can be one of the most frustrating as well. There are very specific sections of that proposal, and these are clearly defined by the academic department. In general, though, the include the following

  1. The statement of the research question

  2. A justification of the significance of the research to the student’s field and the goal of that research.

  3. A brief review of the initial research that resulted in the research question.

  4. A description/explanation of the research design, the population, the instruments to be used, and the data to be collected for analysis.

  5. A timeline for completion of the work.

This is usually the first “roadblock” that a student encounters. Proposals are rarely approved the first time they are presented. And this is often the time that a student realizes it may be wise to get some dissertation help from an expert in his/her field – someone who has been through the process and has experience providing assistance to other Master or Ph.D. candidates.

If this sounds like your situation, then you will want to spend some time researching dissertation writing services.

How to Find Reliable Dissertation Writing Services

You’ve surely heard of Angie’s List. This is a “clearinghouse” of sorts for consumers who are looking for reputable services. The site contains the names of service providers in all sorts of categories and reviews of those providers by customers.

What you may not know is that there are also websites that can provide the best dissertation writing services reviews – sort of like an Angie’s List for students. Online Writers Rating is just such a site. Students use the site to read the reviews and find the most reliable dissertation writing services out there. These reviews also include comments from actual customers whose feedback is highly valuable for students to read.

Finding the Best Dissertation Writing Service for Your Needs

No matter where you may be in your dissertation writing process, you will want a service that provides all of the following:

  1. Assistance from a Ph.D. scholar in your field of research. This is not negotiable, and do not let any service tell that you can use someone from a related field. Top dissertation writing services will have been in business long enough to have accumulated a Ph.D. writing staff that covers all fields.

  2. As little or as much help as you need with any or all sections or chapters. If you only want a literature review, then that is all you should have to order and pay for. If you only want a review and edit then that is what you should get.

  3. You must have access to your researcher/writer, and there should be a process in place for direct communication throughout the work production. And your writer should send you drafts for your approval.

Any agency that is considered to be a best dissertation service will provide these as a minimum.

What the Best Dissertation Writing Services Reviews Should Include

Review sites are not all equal. Sites that provide comprehensive and thorough reviews will include the following:

  1. A brief description of the writing service, including where it is located, how long it has been in business, and the types of research and writing services it provides.

  2. A full review of the content on the company website, including its structure and the quality of its writing. Think about it. If you are looking for the best dissertation writing service, how much confidence would you have in a company that cannot even use proper and scholarly writing on its site?

  3. A solicitation and search for customer reviews that may be anyplace on the web – social media, other review sites, etc., and a full reporting of what those customers have to say.

  4. An evaluation of samples and on-site blog posts, if they are available.

  5. A review of customer service/support through actual communication with those agents.

  6. An analysis of an original piece of writing that has been ordered and received.

  7. A description of pricing and whether it is within the average range and affordable.

  8. A listing of any additional benefits the company may offer – free pages, free revisions, etc.

  9. A review of the policies that the company publishes – these should include terms and conditions, privacy, guarantees of originality, etc.

These are the items that you will find in all of reviews. And this is the reason that students have come to trust this writing review website.

What is Your Responsibility in Locating the Top Dissertation Writing Services?

First and foremost, you should read the reviews that have been written by Online Writers Rating. Identify those that have received the top ratings. Make a short list, and begin to contact each of those agencies directly with your questions for more detail on their dissertation services.

Prepare your questions in advance and made certain that you get the detailed answers you seek.

Once You Have Found That Best Dissertation Service for You

So, you have found it. They have a Ph.D. expert in your field; you have read what others have to say, and it’s all good. Here are some important actions you should take:

  1. Ask if there are discounts for large orders. You may be requesting writing of an entire chapter or more. You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so just do it.

  2. If your budget is tight, as about progressive payments which will be less of a financial strain on you.

  3. Be certain that you contact your researcher/writer immediately. Chances are s/he will contact you as soon as assigned to your project, but the goal is to communicate from the very beginning and keep that communication going throughout the process. You should never be left in the dark, nor should you leave your writer in the dark.

  4. Always review any drafts sent to you immediately. Your writer needs rapid feedback if he is to move forward. And if you want changes, better to have them completed throughout the process than all at the very end.

  5. Do not approve or accept any writing that you are not 100% satisfied with. Top dissertation writing services want your satisfaction too, because their reputation is how they grow their business.

And when it is all over, and you have that dissertation completed, be certain to add your comments and feedback to other “write my dissertation” reviews. Reputable writing services want that feedback so that they may continue to improve. would also like to hear from you regarding your experience with the writing service you selected. We are proud of the service we provide to students who are looking for honest and objective writing service reviews.

Advantages of Using Dissertation Writing Services

Low Prices

Hiring someone to produce an academic piece can be expensive, so students look for “bargain basement” prices as their top priority. We found out that there is an average price range for reputable writing services. Expect to pay between $13 - $15 per page for a top-quality piece of writing with a reasonable deadline requirement. This is, indeed, a low price.

Fast Delivery

There are times when students hit a brick wall – assignments due that they just don’t have the time to complete. And the consequences for missing instructors’ deadlines can be awful. Good writing services we evaluate here have professional writing staff members on hand to take on these emergencies, get the job done, and deliver a top-quality product back in time.

Privacy and Security

For our review website, these are critical factors. First, most students want their relationship with a writing service to be private. Writing companies honor this by encrypting customer information and holding it secure. Second, security refers not just to protection of personal information. It also means that a company does not collect and store customer financial information. Instead, it uses a third-party payment processing platform that has a solid reputation.

Free Time

Most students just don’t have enough free time. They are overwhelmed with attending classes, coursework assignments, tests and exams, part-time jobs, and other obligations. This is the primary cause of student burnout and ultimate failure. Thanks to our reviews, students can pass off some of their academic coursework burdens to a trustworthy writing service and gain free time that lets them get their lives back in balance.


Lots of online retailers run sales with discounted prices on their products. Writing services provide discounts that are both permanent and temporary. Most reputable companies offer first-time discounts that typically range from 15 – 20%. Returning customers will also be eligible for continuing discounts, usually ranging from 5 – 15%. There will usually be special sale prices advertised at various times during the year. Budget-conscious students will appreciate these.

Professional Writers

Writers are the backbone of any writing service that we review. Without degreed and qualified professional staff, a writing service cannot deliver quality products. Trustworthy companies are careful about their selection of writing staff so that they get the very best. Such writers are matched with orders based upon their backgrounds and suitability. They will begin from scratch, conduct appropriate research, and produce original and customized pieces for each customer.

A Detailed Dissertation Writing Service Review Methodology

User-friendly Website

There are three keys to a user-friendly website – easy and fast navigation, clear and simple explanations and instructions, and content that is written in good English. The goal is that visitors can get to any information they may want and come away with a complete understanding of the whole process of ordering and receiving their products or services. When a website design honors user needs, chances are the company it represents does too. And that`s what we`d like to see in our top-rated companies.

Pricing and Payment

We recommend companies that stay within the range that we know to be right for quality services. And customers will find that there are variances in pricing based upon clear factors – the type of product, schooling age of the student, and deadline requirement at a minimum. There is also the issue of making payments. No one wants their financial data stolen. To prevent this, companies we rate well use an outside payment processor with top security certifications. When all of these features are in place, we feel comfortable.

Direct Writer Communication

Students can be nervous when they order from an online writing service. One of the most important features to relieve anxiety is to set up a system in which students and writers can talk to each other. The student knows for sure that a single expert is working on his order; the writer is able to ask questions and provide reassurance. And any problems or issues can be ironed out during the process rather than after-the-fact. Top services that we rate guarantee direct communication between customers and writers.

Quality Writing

In the case of writing, quality is critical. An academic piece must meet all of the expectations of scholarly writing. This is why we spend so much time looking into the quality that writing companies offer. Our standards for quality are the same as those of reputable institutions. They include a choice of the most appropriate research resources, adherence to customer specifications, original composition, scholarly structure, and, of course, perfect grammar and composition. Tone, style, and vocabulary must be appropriate for academic levels, and citations must be impeccably appointed. When we see all of these things, we are comfortable recommending a service to our readers.

Timely Delivery

Due dates for assignments are contained in the syllabi that students get from their instructors. And when they turn those assignments over to writing services, they give deadlines by which they must receive their products. If a writing company accepts a customer order, it must be sure that it can meet that deadline. When we have consistent customer feedback that a writing agency meets deadlines, we rate it highly in that category of assessment. If there are complaints, we do not recommend a service.

24/7 Customer Support

All writing services promise round-the-clock customer support, and they provide phone numbers and live chat features for contact. What really matters, though, is the quality of that support. Is it rapid? Can customers get their issues and problems resolved quickly? Do the agents have the authority to make decisions that resolve issues? An effective customer support department has in-house trained experts who work in shifts to keep the department open 24/7. When customers tell us that they get excellent and responsive support, we know that the department is working well.

Short Summaries of Dissertation Writing Services Reviews review
5.0/5 has not been in business as long as many other online writing companies. It has developed a business model that involves matching its staff of professional researchers and writers with customers who come looking for writing products and services. In essence, when a customer places and order, s/he is submitting it for bids. review
5.0/5 started as a writing service company with a critical goal in mind, to provide an excellent essay writing help to those who would need it, at the most affordable price possible. To achieve the first part of their goal, they had to go out of their way to create a network of certified writers and researchers, as high as PhD Academics certification, all to make sure that their customers get the best writing help for their essays. review

WOWGrade is an organization that offers writing services, especially to college students. They specialize in various types of writing services such as essay writing, research papers, thesis, statistical analysis, PowerPoint presentation, proofreading, dissertation services, and so on. review
5.0/5 is an organization that sells essays. They are a group of people interested in providing their customers with a quality service. They intentionally collaborated with professional web designers to create a quality and great website for their customers. review

As the name implies, is an agency that deals mostly in the writing of dissertations for college students. Their goals are to create a community of problem solvers to tackle most of the students' tasks when it comes to the writing of thesis papers and academic papers, dissertations, among others. review

We appreciate all of the email comments we have received about and are happy to use them as we provide this review. review

There is a lot of “buzz” floating around the web about the writing service,, and we have also been receiving some of this buzz in the way of emails from customers of the company. Here is a review based upon those comments and our own “look-see” at review

We appreciate all of the student feedback we have gotten on Flash Essay – we now have enough to produce a solid review of the company. review

Lots of student emails, reviews, and comments are coming in about So, we took a look. review

Several students have requested more information on Essay Agents. We’ve also received a lot of great feedback about this company. In order to meet your demands we are presenting this review. In addition to ordering a paper, interacting with customer service, and exploring their website, we also read customer reviews and worked to determine the company’s online reputation. Here is what we learned. review

We’ve received emails and review submissions from some very opinionated students regarding the website, Because of this, we decided to do some investigating to see what we could find out.  If you are considering using this service, keep reading. We hope you will come away well informed.  review
2.0/5 is an academic writing service targeting college students. In order to complete this review, we completed several steps to ensure that our final write up was fair and accurate. Here are the steps we took. review
2.0/5 has been in the industry for at least four years. At least, that is how far back we have been able to locate information and comments about it on the web. We have had several comments submitted to our site and so decided to conduct a full review to give our visitors and users an objective analysis. review

To be honest, we had not heard of until recently, when a few users of our site suggested that we review the service. In fact, the company has been in business for either 4 or 6 years, depending upon which page on the company website a visitor reads. In general, we were impressed with the website content. review

We've been preparing this review of 7dollaressay for a while and thanks to an increasing number of individuals who are developing an interest in the service - it's finally here. We've learned about the mechanics of the service, and the ins and outs of the service. review

There have been a lot of talk around Eduzaurus lately so we couldn't miss the chance to make our own investigation. Here is the summary of what we've learned about the company's reliability, credibility, and ability to deliver quality and original work. review

We were getting questions regarding the reliability and professionalism of the Writemyessayonline service. So we at Onlinewritersrating had no choice left but to to roll up our sleeves and find out whether the service is a good option for folks who want their academic writing tasks handled by professional and experienced writers. review

The Pensters writing service has gained popularity among students over the last months. So, made a research resulting in this review. Check it out and make your own informed decision! review

We keep getting requests for a review on EssayPro. So we used our sources to find out what is their reputation and whether you can rely on this company in academic writing. review

Online Writers Rating team has looked up the most relevant and tangible information about Essayshark. We researched online, interviewed clients and even placed an order to get a first-hand experience about the company's offerings.

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