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This is a review of EssayShark, an online writing service that has recently been a lot of talk among the masses. Folks out there have developed a keen interest in the products of EssayShark, and some individuals have recently asked us to come up with a review for the service so that they can know precisely about the service in detail. In that regard, therefore, we have looked up relevant and tangible information about the service on the internet. This has involved researching about the service online and learning as much there is about the service. We have scoured the web for information regarding the service so that we can have a glimpse into their offerings, and the quality of their products as well. We also made a point of placing an order for a document on the service so that we could get to know the nature and quality of the services offered.


EssayShark is an online essay writing service that offers professional academic writing help. We looked up EssayShark on the web, and we did not come across substantial information that would help us in the review process. EssayShark is on the BBB reviews website, but it is not BBB accredited. There are complaints from clients who had used EssayShark on the BBB reviews website, which is an indication that the service is neither reliable nor professional when it comes to service delivery. The complaint revolved around the inability of a writer to deliver, and the ineffectiveness of the company’s money back guarantee program.

A thorough look at the testimonials section showed that there were multiple instances where clients were not impressed by the services of EssayShark. Further, the EssayShark website indicates that you do not have to pay upfront to receive a quality essay, which contradicts what the client on BBB reviews said about the services. These contradictions and a lack of clarification of how service delivery raise questions about the credibility, reliability, and professionalism of the service.


We checked out EssayShark’s website to get a glimpse of the services they offered. EssayShark offers some writing services in the academic writing field which include essay writing, dissertations, research papers, college essays, term papers, presentations, and coursework. There are products in the business writing space, which include writing of business plans.

We placed an order for a 2nd-year college essay and gave the writers a timeframe of one week to give a turnaround. However, no matter how light the task seemed, the service, or the writer who worked on the essay, was not in a position to come up with a top-notch essay. The essay was full of errors and typos, which made us believe that the service did not have what it takes to churn out quality and original work.


While the service does not give detailed information about their pricing, the quality of the work they present gives a hint of how they price their products.

Customer Support

The service did not have excellent customer support, and this is evident from the manner the customer support staff handled queries from us. The customer support team did not respond to our questions on time, and when they did, the communication was poor. Further, the customer support staff sent multiple messages to us, where a single concise message would suffice.


To sum this up, this service did not perform well on many fronts. While some areas can be overlooked when looking for an essay writing service, several loopholes cannot go unnoticed at EssayShark, which makes the service unreliable.


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