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Over the recent past, EssayPro, an essay writing service, has gained wide popularity within the masses, and some folks have been asking about the ability of the service to deliver essays that are of high quality and original. Some people have asked us to look into the service and to gauge whether the service can be relied upon to write good essays and other works of academic writing. Towards that end, we have engaged in intensive research about the reputation of the company. We have considered some sources in coming up with this EssayPro review, including the internet, some review websites, and the testimonials of clients on their website.


There is inadequate information about EssayPro on the web. We checked out BBB reviews for the service, but there were no location details or reviews about the service. EssayPro is not on the BBB reviews website, and this prompted us to look at the EssayPro website for information regarding the services that they offer. There were client testimonials on the site, but these testimonials were, to a large extent, negative, with clients complaining about how they received work that did not meet their requirements or expectations.

A feature that did not bode well with us is that they claimed to work on any topic on any deadline. From the look of things and the services that they offer, this may not be true for some other demanding and involving tasks like a research proposal, thesis or dissertation. Some tasks like writing a dissertation or a research proposal require intensive research, referencing, and editing which, at times, is not possible if the time invested is not adequate.


EssayPro offers a wide variety of academic writing services as well as business writing services which include custom essays, case studies, coursework, term papers, research papers, thesis, and dissertations. On the business writing front, EssayPro offers a wide variety of services which include business plan writing. For review purposes, we placed an order on the site for a 3rd Year term paper.

We gave the service ample time – two weeks to be precise, to come up with the term paper. This is adequate time for a research paper since the writers have all the time they need to write an essay and ensure that they submit it to their clients in time. However, this is not what we saw with EssayPro. The work we got from their service was not that good since some crucial mistakes in the paper could be avoided had the writers invested adequate time in the editing and proofreading process.


We paid 10 dollars per page for term paper writing. The pricing is fair since that is the industry average, but again, you must be willing to strike a balance between the price and the quality of the work you will receive.

Customer Support

The customer support team was not entirely effective since there were some cases where we had to wait for long to get feedback on some small issues. Further, communication was a bit distorted at times, and this could be due to the change in shifts between members of the customer support team.


Tin summary, EssayPro does not meet some fundamental qualities and aspects of reliable and professional essay writing services, and this gives you a reason to look for other services on the web to handle your academic or business writing tasks.

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