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This is a review of the pensters, a custom writing service that has gained wide popularity among folks in the recent past. There are some quarters where this service has spiked a lot of interest, and this has prompted people to ask for a review about the service so that they can decide on whether to use the service or not. Therefore, we have written this review and included crucial and relevant information regarding the service so that folks can have an accurate picture of what they are dealing with before they place an order for a custom essay or paper. We, therefore, looked for information on the service from the web, and also went a step ahead to place an order so that we could have a look at the quality of the work the service produces.


On the web, we scoured for information regarding the pensters. There is no information or details relating to the pensters, and we, therefore, had to look for reviews and details on the BBB reviews website. There were no details or information regarding the service on the BBB reviews site, and this left us with the pensters website as the only source of information about the service.

We, therefore, looked at the website to establish a profile of the service, and there were some aspects did not sit well with us. We looked into their numbers and found out that out of the active 800 writers they have, only an eight of those writers were online. These number of active writers and those who were online did not match, which raised red flags about the service in general.

The mismatch in numbers is quite suspicious since it raises questions into whether the writers can handle the tasks assigned to them.


The Pensters website shows that they offer a variety of services which include essay writing, dissertation writing, admission essay writing, project writing, research paper writing, term paper writing, and thesis paper writing. The service has a concentration on academic writing but does not have any products when it comes to business writing. We placed an order for a 3rd-year term paper, and we gave the service a week to handle our order.

For a professional and reliable service, a week is more than enough to come up with a top-notch and original term paper. However, the pensters did not come through on this front. While they submitted the term paper to us in the desired period, the paper did not meet some of our expectations. After giving a closer look at the paper, we noticed that there were some errors in the paper.

Customer Support

The staff who were on customer support did not do their job as expected. Often, customer support is supposed to be active, brief, and clear, but we cannot say the same of the customer support team at the pensters. At multiple instances, they sent us numerous messages to our phones and emails which were entirely unnecessary. Their customer support staff was out to lunch as far as communication is concerned, and they need to up their game if they aim at being a better service.


In closing, it is important to rate the service accordingly, so that other clients out there can make an informed decision when settling on a service to handle their academic writing tasks. The Pensters is unreliable, and you cannot count on them to work on your paper adequately.

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