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About is a writing service that is located in Cyprus. Their location is a bit of a concern as we were worried that an offshore company could not provide quality service or native English speaking writers. This is also a matter of concern as Cyprus is known for being a hub for businesses that are not quite on the up and up. This made us wonder, ‘can we trust this company to provide good writing and customer support?

In spite of our concerns, we decided to give them a fair chance. We placed an order for an essay. Here are the steps we took:

  • Placing an order for writing services

  • Reading reviews online to gauge online reputation

  • Exploring the company website

  • Reviewing the essay we received for quality and accuracy

  • Searched the BBB to determine that EssayLab is not a fraud or scam

  • Compared prices with other services

Keep reading to learn more about our experiences.


One of the first steps we took as part of this review was to identify the services offered by We discovered that they offer academic writing services only.  Essay Lab services include essays, research papers, thesis, term papers, research summaries, articles, as well as a variety of others. It does not appear that any services are available for job seekers or business professionals.


We paid more than 25 dollars per page. This is significantly expensive. Worse, the quality we received was below average. We were unable to find any sort of discount page. This is unfortunate as an EssayLab coupon code would have been helpful given the extraordinarily high prices. Several online customer reviews stated that prices were a real problem. We are sad to say that we agree with this point.

Customer Support

While our paper did arrive before the deadline, we were disappointed in writing and customer support overall. On nearly every occasion that we contacted customer support, we had a long wait time. When we did get help, agents rarely had the answers we needed. They were brusque and unhelpful. We also received conflicting information on two occasions. Getting help was frustrating, to say the least.

We were even more disappointed when we received our essay. It was very poorly written. It only took a few moments of reading to realize our primary fear was true. Our writer was not a native English speaker. This was very clear. Worse, they clearly did not understand the subject matter of our essay. Considering that this was a relatively simple assignment, this was disturbing.


Our final rating of is exceptionally poor. This is not a safe website in any way. Customer support and writing are among the worst we have experienced. The website is poorly designed. Prices are extraordinarily high. Students should avoid this service at all costs.

If you are looking for a decent online writing provider, keep reading our reviews. We have published real highlighting some excellent companies. One of these is sure to be ideal for you.

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