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Recently we have received multiple emails as well as submissions for review from multiple students in regards to the website, Ultius.com. Because of the multiple inquiries we have decided to investigate their services in order to see what we could establish. If you are one of the many who have considered using their services please continue reading. We hope that the following will help you in being well informed.


We were pleasantly surprised to find a lot of great information about this business. Many reviews from customers were stating that they were pleased with their product, and therefore has garnered them an A+ rating on the BBB website. Unfortunately, this hopefulness was quickly overturned as we realized that most of these positive reviews were from a few years back. We also noticed a pattern in these positive reviews as they all appeared to have the same structure, almost as if someone had been writing and rewriting the same review over and over in order to give the illusion of a good company. This indicates that while they did establish a good online reputation, they cheated to get there.


Ultius offers three types of services, these services include “Custom Writing”, “Editing”, and “Business Writing”. For this review we decided to focus on the “Custom Writing” Service.

In hopes of establishing the quality of their writers we decided to order an essay that was needed within a timeframe of 10 days as a college undergraduate student. During the choosing of our topic we noticed a red flag as from the dropdown list of the multiple services they offered for “Custom Writing” we noticed that business and editing was listed as well. This is troublesome as it shows redundancy in their website, and a potential inability to proofread product.
The paper we received had obviously been plagiarized. Through simple online research we found that multiple paragraphs had been copied and pasted from many online articles. Only a few phrases had been altered with the use of unnecessarily long synonyms. The text lacked necessary reliable sourcing, as many of the sources were simply listed as links to websites such as wikipedia. We knew immediately that if someone were to turn this in for a grade they would potentially be suspended from their college program or even exempt for life.


For this essay we payed 21.50 per page, which equates to about above average on the pricing scale for writing services. If this paper had been acceptable we would have been happy to pay this price. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, our paper had been plagiarized and was nowhere near acceptable.
In order to get the best deal we attempted to ask a customer service representative about any discount codes. All we were told was that all available codes were available on a page which they gave us the link to. The page came up as unavailable on multiple browsers. In an attempt to find a potential code we did online searches through multiple engines, and all we found was the same broken link. It would have been nice if the customer service representative had simply supplied us with a code, or told us that there were none available instead of sending us on a “wild goose chase”.

Customer Support

From our experience with customer support when we tried to procure a discount code we were quite certain that customer service would be extremely unhelpful. Hopeful that we had gotten just one bad representative we tried again, only to find that our suspicions were true. When struck with out inquiries we were either ignored, sent links to the pages we were asking questions about, or simply given the exact phrase or paragraph we were inquiring about copied word for word into our messages. When we decided to seek out the possibility of a revision or refund we were ignored, or had been told that we had already requested and had been issued a refund, an act which had never occured. In our opinion it seems that customer service is not at all interested in assisting the customer base.


We are disappointed to state that with the combination of poor quality tactics, questionable reputation, and the lack of decent customer service. We are lead to state that those who are looking for quality service are strongly advised to look elsewhere.

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