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Lately, students have been asking us about Do they want to know if Bid 4 Papers is legit? As always, we were quite happy to do a bit of investigating. However, we had to deviate from our usual measures as this writing service is a bit different from others. Still, we did do a few things that we normally do. We read online customer reviews of Bid4Papers. This gave us needed perspective. We also ordered writing services and interacted with customer support and writers. We even explored the website to check out web content and any extras. We also read testimonials and endorsements from other customers. Keep reading to learn more.

Unlike many other services where you place an order, and it the writing service assigns it to a staff writer, this service uses a bidding system. This means that once you place an order, writers bid on that order. You then select the bid you like and work with that writer. We opted to place a total of three orders. While one experience was fine, the other two were not.


Based upon the order form, this service offers academic writing services.  However, these appear to be quite limited. There are probably less than a dozen writing services total. In order to fairly and accurately evaluate the writing quality and other factors, we placed an order for three college-level essays. We gave each writer the same topic, grade level, and deadline.

When evaluating bids, we took several things into consideration. These were price, the writer’s reputation, and the writer’s experience. Potential customers should be aware that it is nearly impossible to research the writers who place bids. Most use screen names such as ‘Essay Professor 123’ and ‘PHD Writer’.


Because a bidding system is used here, bid4papers prices are not published. There are also no discounts here. We did not find a coupon code or promo code on other websites, nor did we expect to do so. We received bids ranging from fifteen to thirty dollars per page. The bids we accepted were all between 20 and 24 dollars per page. While this is higher than average, it allowed us to pick the bids that matched us with decently qualified writers.

Customer Support

We had significant issues with two of our papers. Neither were acceptable academic pieces. They had multiple errors and each essay needed a lot of revision. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the help we needed from customer support. They were dismissive of our concerns and seemed to expect us to work directly with our writers. Frankly, we wondered what the point of having any support was.


It is probably abundantly clear that we do not endorse this writing service. Their service offerings are very limited. Writing quality is largely poor. Customer support is rude and unhelpful. These are the reasons we strongly urge our readers to spend their hard earned money on other service providers. We encourage our readers to check out our other reviews until they find a company that is a good match for them.

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