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About has been in the business of providing academic writing assistance for a few years. We do not know exactly when the company opened its door, but we have been able to find comments and feedback on the web for the past three years. And users of our site have also submitted their comments and requests for a full review of this company. We have used our standard review procedures to evaluate this company and the products it produced – the information that is provided on the website, testimonials that it has published on that site, the process for ordering and delivering products to customers, pricing, samples and blog posts when available, information about writers, and, as usual, off-site reviews that customers have posted on the web. And, as always, we evaluate quality by ordering a piece of writing ourselves.


Papers Owl is an academic writing service. It offers writing products from essays through graduate level capstone projects to students at all academic levels.

The business model is one that allows customers to place orders and then accept bids from writers that are registered with the company. In effect, this is a “matching” type of service. Customers may chat with bidders and then select the one they want to complete their projects. Writers do have profiles, but the information is scant.

We chatted with several bidders, all of whom spoke to their expertise as writers and their degrees and qualifications. Given their ability to converse in proper English, we were suspicious about the information they provided, especially about their academic credentials.

We are totally focused on quality of products because that is what is most important to customers. This is what we can offer.

  1. Customer reviews, other than those that are on-site testimonials, are overwhelmingly negative. Complaints range from poor writing to lack of customer service when there are concerns or questions.

  2. The paper we ordered and received was definitely below the standards we would have expected for a college-level work. Grammatical errors were evident throughout the piece. We requested revisions, and they were not much better. We had already paid for the piece by putting money on account for it. So, we then requested a refund. To date, we have received nothing.

  3. There is a blog on the site. If these posts are indicative of the writing that is usually provided to customers, then we can say that the quality is, frankly, horrible.


Papersowl prices are not provided, because the price is determined by negotiations between customers and the writers who bid on the orders. There is a statement about prices beginning at $18/page, but the final price is really determined by what the customer and selected writer agree upon. The quotes we received all ranged in the $220 range, which is a bit high for the industry. And potential customers also need to know that there are no Papersowl discounts or any kind of coupon code to get any break on a price.

Customer Support

In a word, this is totally lacking. There is a method to contact customer support, by email actually, but do not expect a quick reply, and, according to most customers, there is not a lot of help when there are issues. We contacted them with complaints about the quality of our product and were told to take it up with our writer.


We cannot recommend this writing service to anyone. The quality of the written product is too poor. And we understand why there is no BBB membership – the complaints would just be too numerous. Overall, we have to give a rating of “very poor” to Papers Owl. Students should avoid this service.

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