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The writing service Pro-Papers has received much interest from students in recent weeks. Because of this interest, we have decided to investigate this company and produce the following review.


Pro-papers is a company that is a bit of a mystery. They don’t share much information on their website about their company history. We cannot find much online beyond some customer reviews, the majority of which are negative. They aren’t registered with the BBB. We can say that based on the odd phrasing used in their web content as well as the writing they provide to customers, that this is almost certainly a company headquartered in a non English speaking country. We also believe they hire largely non native English speakers.

To write a review that is truly valuable to students, we took several steps. These are as follows:

  • Placed an order for a research paper and reviewed it for quality purposes.
  • Explored the website looking for overall quality and evaluating customer experience, policies, and other factors.
  • Interacting with customer service and writers.
  • Researching the company online
  • Comparing prices with other similar writing services

Here are the standards by which we evaluate academic writing agencies.

  • Writing quality above all must be excellent. Papers should be written to the proper grade level and free of significant errors.
  • All papers received should be complete.
  • Writers must conform to citation format standards and provide correct citations.
  • Given resources should be used
  • Delivery must be on or before the due date
  • Writers and customer support representatives must be knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.

So, how did this company stand up? Unfortunately not very well. Keep reading to learn more.


Pro-Papers offers academic writing help, limited business writing services, resumes, and admissions writing. Academic writing includes the expected essays, research papers, term papers, theses and dissertation, and other similar services. They also offer help with coursework, multiple choice tests, etc. Business writing appears to be limited to business plan writing.

They do list several uncategorized writing services. These include annotated bibliographies, journal critique writing, grant proposals, speech writing, book critiques, and powerpoint presentations.

Because the service offerings and their categorization are a bit random, we believe there is a lack of true understanding of the nature of business, resume, and academic writing services. From a user experience perspective, it is difficult to understand fully what this writing service provider has to offer.


Because we selected a research paper for an undergraduate and opted for the maximum deadline of two weeks, we paid ten dollars per page for our essay. This is significantly low, even with those factors taken into consideration. Most other companies charge between thirteen and 18 dollars. While low prices like this can be tempting, they almost always mean low quality products and services. Unfortunately, this is just what we got.

There are discounts offered. However, none are available until after you place your first order. Many cannot be applied if you don’t spend at least 100 dollars. None are available if you spend less than 25 dollars.

Had we been willing to spend additional money we could have purchased some extra services. These include a plagiarism support, an access page, use of a pro writer, and elevated customer service. However, we wanted to review Pro-Papers baseline service as this is what most students would access.

Customer Support

When we received our paper, it was indeed on time. The unfortunate issue is that nothing else lived up to our expectations. It was poorly written. We found multiple factual errors, and there were missing citations. The paper was also more than 100 words short. No student could turn this paper in without significant revisions.

We turned to customer support for  help. After several attempts, we unfortunately did not receive any useful help. Even when we asked to get the problem escalated to a manager so that we could possibly mediate a solution, we were rebuffed and ignored.

While frustrating this was not surprising. While they were less combative our interactions with customer service prior to placing our order were troubling. The agents seemed unable to answer basic questions, and in some cases we got no response at all.


It is for the reasons detailed above that we cannot recommend this writing service. Instead, we encourage students to continue reading these reviews until they find a quality writing service that works for them.









Alexandra: "They told me I had to get real and lower my demands for term paper "

"Term paper writing is something I could never nail properly. My professors always had an excuse to turn me down and send me back to the editing process, which is why I decided to give a chance. It turns out that my term paper was actually worse for the wear when it came back, with missing paragraphs and suspicious resources attached to it. Worst of all, the price of getting this “service” was too high for the quality of the term paper. Think carefully about using this service for your term paper writing."

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