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About has been around for several years, and has a business model that we have seen many times. Students may place an order and let writers bid for it. They may also allow the company to select a writer for them. The website is well-organized and all of the important links are included at the bottom of the homepage.

Our review has taken into account several factors – the website information, the on-site testimonials from customers, information about writers, samples, off-site reviews and comments that have been posted on the web or that have been submitted to us. We ordered a research paper and also went through the bidding process, receiving that product from one of the company writers.


Edusson serves only students in need of academic writing help. They can order any possible assignment, and these are available in a drop-down menu during the ordering process. In order to place an order, students must first sign up for an account. Once an order is placed, available writers will bid.

Another resource for students is a link to book reviews of the famous literature. These are free.

Students may speak with possible writers, and we did so with several. Those that we did speak with sounded too good to be true – graduates of Harvard, Columbia, etc. We suspect that is not really the case, considering the quality of products.

In looking at quality, we evaluated the following:

  • What customers had to say. Those who submitted comments to us and whose feedback we found on the web were not complimentary. They complained about writing quality and being ignored when they asked for revisions or refunds.

  • The samples we reviewed were interesting in terms of topics but were poorly written – errors that ESL writers commonly make

  • The research paper we ordered was written by someone who claimed to be a graduate of Columbia University. Given the poor quality of writing and the lack of good resources we highly doubt this.


Because of the business model, there is no schedule of Edusson prices. Nor are there any company discounts. Pricing is basically negotiated with the bidders, but they are quite similar. If a student decides to have the company choose a writer, pricing starts at $9.99/page. One surprising element is that there is no placed on the order form for a customer to indicate his academic level, and there is no company pricing differentiation based on this either.

Customer Support

This is one of the most disappointing aspects of this company. There is no phone number to talk with a person. There is a chat feature, but they are often offline. Email messaging is the only successful way, but even that is slow. This was a common complaint of customers too. They put their money “on account” when they decide upon a writer, but getting any refund is close to impossible, even if they are totally dissatisfied with what they receive.

There also does not seem to be much quality control over the writers that are hired. We looked into the process of becoming a writer, and it involves simply completing an online application form. Nothing is verified.


Edusson does not have a BBB membership, and we are always a little concerned when we don’t see one. But more important, the quality of writing is not what it should be, and there is little quality control or customer support. Overall, our rating of this writing service is “poor.” We cannot recommend it.

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