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Edubirdie is yet another essay writing source for students who wish to find more time for themselves. As we have found this company is fairly new as there appears to be little information about it outside of the confines of its own webpage. Yet, in spite of it’s lack of exposure it seems that Edubirdie has gained somewhat of a cult following on Reddit. Because of this, we have received multiple inquiries and messages from many of our users with requests to review this website.


As we went forth with conducting our review, we made careful notes in order to give our readers the best information possible. Here we will be looking closely and commenting on this websites format and ease of use, the content available through them, any testimonials they may have posted, as well as prices, services, customer support, and benefits. After going through each of these steps, we made the attempt to order a paper.


As we looked through their available services we found that Edubirdie seemed to only offer writing for college students - unfortunately, there seemed to be no way to determine the grade level they were supposed to be writing for. They have an extensive array of product available for their potential customers to choose from. Anything from the most basic assignment to a complicated final thesis.

Having a wide arrangement of products can either be a good sign or a bad sign, therefore we decided that our first step would be to look at the websites own information and content.

Edubirdie seems to boast a simple 4 step process when ordering one's paper, during which you must,

  1. Place Your Order

  2. Hire your writer

  3. Take control

  4. Complete your goals

While following these steps we noticed multiple points of concerning workers ethic in part of Edubirdie. As we had to follow the steps in a certain order in order to receive any information we decided to change our pacing and attempt ordering our paper first.

Edubirdies homepage offers a fairly simple layout as one simply select the type of paper one wants them to write for themselves, as well as an email address. After entering this information the customer will be brought to another page in order to start on the next step, which is selecting a writer.

While scanning through potential writers we quickly noticed something quite wrong. While there were some writers who seemed to be professional there were others with usernames such as “brilliant essays”. Feeling concerned we chose to search the internet for this user, only to find that they are not a single writer, but instead an entirely different writing company. From this we were able to come with one solution, the writers at Edubirdie may not touch your paper at all.


The price at Edubirdie is listed right on the front page, at 18$ per page. This is an average price for essays as most websites tend to go slightly higher than this. Once we emailed the company with our request, we began to wait for our 9 paged essay which fell into a two-week guideline. This was priced at 162$, which falls into an average price range.

This was where our first issue fell from finding another writing company listed within their writers. In order to gain a comparison we visited the website and began to work with the same ordering process. The company, “Brilliant Essays” charges only 13$ per page which added to a total of 117$, a savings of 45 which landed in the more affordable area of the pricing spectrum. From this, we are able to conclude that some, if not all of the writers on Edubirdie are fake. As well as there is a strong possibility that Edubirdie simply passes your task to other companies in order to accept as many as possible.

Customer Support

In spite of our wariness, we decided that we couldn’t leave the review unfinished. We had chosen to contact Edubirdies customer support in two manners, through email, and through the messaging service located on their website. Once we were able to contact an agent we began to ask questions in concern with their potential product. We asked for detailed inquiry on their writing process, as well as other concerns we noticed in our own messages in regards to this company. Unfortunately, the customer support never seemed to answer our questions, as the messages and inquiries we received had little if anything to do with what we asked. Due to that, we determined that the customer service department was severely lacking.


With each of these factors in place, we can easily state the Edubirdie is not a company we trust. Due to signs of plagiarism along with lack of work ethic and service dependability. We strongly advise students to stay away from this website in favor of a more reputable company.

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