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This is a Fastessay review, which draws information from the Fastessay website, and the experience we went through when we ordered a product with the essay writing service. In the recent past, a significant proportion of folks have been developing a keen interest in the offerings and products of the service, and in that regard, these individuals have asked us to come up with an honest and accurate review of the services offered by the writing service. The process of coming up with a review involved scouring the website for information, as well as looking up and searching the web for information that relates to the essay writing service.


We started looking for information about Fastessay on the web. We checked for reviews and details on the BBB website, but we did not find any information regarding the service. The service does not feature on the BBB website in the first place. This prompted us to rely on information on their website. To have a glimpse into the nature and quality of their services, we looked at the customer testimonials and comments. Unfortunately, there were no positive reviews about the service, and most customers were either complaining about a missed deadline or incomplete work.

Further, a look at their website revealed that the service was failing on some fronts, especially on the delivery part. What caught our attention was that the site claimed to handle a 4000-word essay in a day. A quality and original 4000-word essay takes more than a day. This is because there is a lot of work needed to come up with such an essay, ranging from coming up with the structure of the essay, planning the essay, doing the requisite research, and then the actual writing. Writing a 4000-word essay will require the writer to compromise some aspects, which will, in the end, led to a low-quality essay or even plagiarized work altogether.


Fastessay, according to their website, offers a wide array of services in the academic writing and college writing space. These services include custom writing, essay writing, research paper writing, term paper writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing, case study help, coursework, and speech writing. The service does not have any business writing offerings but offers a wide array of academic writing products.

We ordered a term paper, and the service worked on the term paper but did not come up with a quality paper as we expected. The paper had some typos throughout, and some poorly constructed phrases.


The service charges 10 dollars per page, which is the average of many services out there, but it is more of a pretext to low quality work.

Customer Support

The service does not have reliable and professional support, and this was evident in how they communicated with us. While a clear and straightforward message gets the message across, the customer support staff went ahead to spam our phones and emails with a lot of unnecessary messages, even after placing an order for a term paper on their service.


To sum this up, this service does not have what it takes to come up with quality and original work within the required timeframe. The service failed to deliver, and this is just an example of how affairs are run at the service. You might not want to bank on this service to handle your tasks in the future.

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