How to Produce the Worst Project - Learn How to Fail Every Step of the Way

Posted: May 02, 2018

How to Produce the Worst Project - Learn How to Fail Every Step of the Way


As individuals, partners, or in small groups, our schooling will involve projects. Kids actually begin early these days, and, by the time they reach college, they have had plenty of experience creating and presenting projects. They know how to make projects; it just becomes more sophisticated in college. Expectations for every part of the project development are high.

And students do fail to deliver the types of projects that their professors demand. If you want to have a total “fail” on your project, here’s how you do it.

How to Write a College Project

There are guidelines, by departments and by individual professors. They relate to everything from topic selection, to how to write a university project proposal, to how to write a project plan, to how it must be formatted and presented.

If you really want an epic fail, then just ignore these guidelines and move forward on your own. You can do the following:

  1. Choose a topic that is too broad or general. This way, you won’t have any specific focus. Basically, ignore the college project ideas that your professor may suggest.

  2. Don’t refine the topic into a problem-solution format. If you don’t identify a problem or research question, you really have nothing to work with as you conduct your research.

  3. For college science projects, as your experimentation proceeds, do not keep a careful and accurate log of results. This way, you will not be able to present those results in detail.

  4. As you conduct research for your project, avoid primary source materials that may be complex and challenging. Go for the secondary resources that just report on the research of others.

Group Project Fails

Group projects come with their own special set of challenges. Now there are team dynamics to consider. Generally, the first activity of a group is to select a team leader. If you have been selected and do not know how to lead a project team, don’t bother to study up on your leadership role. After all, you can just “go with the flow.” Team leaders generally take responsibility for the following:

  1. Soliciting and holding discussions on college group project ideas until there is consensus on the specific project research question/problem

  2. Delegation of tasks, with input from group members, so that everyone is clear on their responsibilities.

  3. Development of timelines and benchmarks

  4. Establishing methods of collaboration, even using some of the free project management software tools that are abundant

  5. Monitors progress of each individual and troubleshoots when individual members are experiencing difficulty

The Steps of Project Production

There are very specific steps for completing projects successfully, whether they are computer science projects for college students or individual/group projects in the humanities or other sciences. These steps are common and include topic selection, development of problem/research question, writing a proposal for approval, conducting the research, writing up that research, proposing potential solutions or identifying a clear solution, and justifying the solution(s) proposed. Finally, of course, is the oral presentation, if required, and the visuals that will accompany that.

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