How to Write an Essay That Will Get You Kicked Out of College

Posted: May 01, 2018

How to Write an Essay That Will Get You Kicked Out of College


Essay writing is the most common assignment for students, and college essay writing is especially challenging, given the expectations for research and writing skills on the part of professors. No matter what the course, students will be graded on their writing skills along with the content of the piece.

How to Write a Good Essay

Since middle school, students have been taught the skills of good essay writing. They have been taught how to identify and narrow a topic, how to outline and essay, how to craft an engaging introduction with a thesis statement, how to organize the body into solid paragraphs, and how to end an essay with a solid conclusion.

As students go through high school and then into college, the topics get tougher, and the expectations for a more sophisticated writing style come into play. And learning how to write a perfect essay is key to getting great grades in any course.

And, given the number of essays most college students are assigned, learning to crank these out quickly becomes a big goal.

How to Write an Essay Fast

There are several ways to write an essay fast, but many of them are pretty risky:

  1. A student can find an essay online on any specific topic and then try to re-write it in his own words. This is a bit risky unless the final product is completely different and often this tactic will require knowing how to make an essay longer.

  2. A student can find a paper writing service, choosing the cheapest one possible, and end up with a poorly written piece that will result in a poor grade. If this option is chosen, then students should research paper writing service reviews and select one that is professional and ethical.

  3. A student can use an essay that another student has written on the same topic and try to turn it into a different professor who teaches the same course.

All of these options are potential disasters, except finding a professional service that will craft an original piece, written by an expert in the topic field.

How to Write an Essay That Will Get You Kicked Out

There are many terrible errors that students can make that will get them poor grades. Ignorance of what words not to use in an essay is a “killer.” College essay writing requires formal language, and using slang and texting jargon is a huge “no-no.”

Ignorance of what not to do in an essay in other respects will also result in poor grades. Failure to have a thesis statement, failure to organize the content correctly, failure to include proper transitions, and/or failure to do the research to back up statements being made all big “no-no’s” too.

But to get kicked out of school? There is one clear way to accomplish this – just plagiarize the essay. Given the sophisticated tools today, professors can quickly scan every essay they receive for plagiarism. And many schools have a policy of expulsion for academic dishonesty.

The bottom line? Don’t risk plagiarizing and don’t risk using a writing service that may provide you with plagiarized essays. If you have to get help, do it right.