How to Conduct the Worst Research for Your Paper Writing

Posted: May 15, 2018

How to Conduct the Worst Research for Your Paper Writing


By the time students enter college, they already know how to make a bibliography for research papers. In fact, there are now tools that streamline this, creating perfect entries in any format. The real issue for college students is the quality of the research they conduct in order to write those research papers.

The Difference Between High School and College Research

When you were in high school, research papers were assigned primarily to give you the experiences you needed in learning how to make a research paper that included a solid thesis statement and factual information to support that thesis. To gather that factual information, you found source materials that are commonly known as “secondary sources” – materials that were authored by others who could be considered to be knowledgeable about a topic. You then conducted that research and learned how to make a research outline to guide you as you wrote the paper.

A college research project is much more sophisticated in many ways.

  1. First, acceptable research topics for college students are far more complex. For example, in high school you might have written a paper on the causes of the Vietnam War. You would have used those secondary resources and enumerated them, with explanations. At the college level, however, you must develop and then learn how to write a research question. Taking the Vietnam War as an example, a research questions might be: How did major corporations, who stood to profit from the Vietnam War, influence the political decisions to escalate the conflict?

  2. Second, you must learn how to become a researcher of primary source materials. In the case of the Vietnam War research, you will need to dig deep into the Johnson presidency and locate primary source materials of statements, discussions, lobbying efforts before Congress, and even campaign contributions made by corporations to candidates. You may even want to draw parallels to the contractors who collectively made billions from the Iraq War and how they influenced its escalation. This is how to do research in college.

  3. Third, your writing style and vocabulary must reach a new level of sophistication. This is a big challenge for many students, and they often contract with writing services in order to get the level of sophistication they need. This can be a bit risky unless a truly professional service is located and used. If you are considering such an action, be certain to look at the best essay writing service reviews, so that you use one known for its scholarly and totally original research and writing.

How to Conduct the Worst Research Possible

Becoming a good college researcher is challenging, and many students ignore the higher expectations that this entails. So, if you want to irritate and anger your professors and turn in papers that will certainly result in horrible grades, here’s your recipe:

  1. Start with Wikipedia. After all, encyclopedias were fine in high school

  2. Use only secondary resource materials. After all, these authors are supposed to know what they are talking about, right? And this way, you don’t have to analyze original source material or the research that others have actually conducted.

  3. Make your research question broad and vague. This way, whatever research you find will fit.

On the other hand, you can take the time to learn how to conduct college research correctly, impress your professors and get that great GPA you really want.